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Association of Seafood Producers, client of the MSC Certified Canadian Northern Prawn Fishery and Canadian Snow Crab Fishery
MSC Certified Canadian Northern Prawn Fishery

MSC Certified Canadian Snow Crab Fishery

The Association of Seafood Producers is a not-for-profit corporation which represents the interests of seafood producers generally in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador (NL), Canada. Our objectives are, among others, to:

• Provide effective input into policy decisions and regulatory matters, at all levels of Government;

• Participate in programs of direct benefit to the whole industry (e.g., grading, research and development); and

• Promote a positive image of the industry.

Current Members operate upwards to 65+ processing plants in rural communities, providing employment for thousands of individuals.

Member-Producer plant payrolls for 2014 approached $75 million. 

Association membership represents a substantial part of the provincial processing industry with 95% of the inshore shrimp production and 85%+ of crab production and almost half of all cod production.

Member Sales are in the order of approximately $600 million annually (NL production)