The Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) says it will take time to digest everything in the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team Report issued today, but that it is encouraged by what it has read so far.

“We might not agree on everything, logically, but there is a clear vision for the province, which we care about as an industry sector,” said Derek Butler, Executive Director, ASP. “We’re not just concerned about the fishery, we want our province to be fiscally sustainable, and we are not. This report provides a path to a better place.”

“We are in a financial crisis, and this report — combined with strong political leadership — will be an important part of our story for how we come out of it,” added Butler.

Regarding the fishery portion of the report, it has captured the need for a more economically resilient model, which can provide better incomes to industry participants and rural communities.

“Clearly, the fishery needs change, and everyone keeps saying that. Whether it is the structure, the science, collective bargaining, incomes, etc., there is room for improvement. Dame Greene and her team have that right, and processors are ready for the conversation,” said Butler.

Government has promised a consultation process to follow on the report’s issuance, and ASP will participate in the opportunities that are provided.

Published On: May 6, 2021 / Categories: 2021, Press /