St. John’s, NL (May 17, 2023) – The Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) today expressed its disappointment at the FFAW’s lack of leadership, as well as its bullying and intimidation tactics towards ASP members as well as its own membership. ASP confirmed that it will not accept the FFAW’s misguided antics that continue to hold up the crab fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador at the detriment of its members.

Every day that the snow crab fishery is at a standstill, it is having a devasting impact on the thousands of people who directly and indirectly earn their livelihoods from the fishery. From harvesters to plant workers, to truck drivers and dockside monitors and other suppliers and support services, there is enormous stress and economic strain being placed on the province’s rural, coastal communities.

For over a month, the other Atlantic Provinces have been harvesting snow crab. They are reaping the benefits while Newfoundland and Labrador is at a standstill. The FFAW’s only solution is to ship crab out of the province, eliminating much-needed jobs and income from the hard-working members of the FFAW.

The harvester share of the current market price at the minimum price of $2.20 is 54%.  ASP has informed the FFAW repeatedly of this reality, as well our position that we are open to an increasing share of the market price if the market rebounds, which remains very uncertain at this time. However, the FFAW has continued to misinform its membership of the facts while playing games with the livelihoods of those working in the industry,

There are many harvesters who are geared-up and ready to go fishing but they are fearful to do so. The bullying and intimidation tactics being employed by the FFAW against harvesters who want to fish and plant workers who are ready to process the crab is unacceptable. We will stand up for plant workers, harvesters, and producers. It is time for the FFAW to be held accountable for stopping people from working.

Thank you to the Province for their role in attempting to encourage a fact-based conversation over the last couple of days. It is time for the FFAW to realize that this is a market problem, and we need to get this fishery going to avoid long-term economic fallout for the province.

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