St. John’s, NL, 5 July 2022 – The Association of Seafood Producers (ASP), representing the majority of processors in the province, said today it shares concerns around Northern Gulf cod which was placed in a one year moratorium yesterday by federal Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray.

“While a small fishery, it remains a concern that the stock is so low in the critical zone,” says Derek Butler, Executive Director of ASP. “We are in a difficult position as the latest science report says the stock is at 10% of Blim.”

Butler says the fishery affects a number of ASP members who source from harvesters in the area.

“I guess if there is good news here, it is just a one year decision at this point, and the latest science also suggests the stock is poised for additional growth and fishing mortality is not the issue,” added Butler.

Along with other industry stakeholders, Butler says a healthy ecosystem means things in balance, and that a recent seal task force report brings some hope that the longstanding issue of seal predation be addressed in some manner.

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