A premium quality product globally recognized for its sweet, succulent meat, unrivalled in flavour, texture and taste. Fully traceable, MSC certified, and sustainably sourced from a wild-catch fishery in the North Atlantic.

Pricing structure for 2024 is based on a formula selected by the Standing Fish Price-Setting Panel: y = min (0.13x2 – 1.4x + 5.83, 0.37x)

*Urner Barry Comtell is an online platform that provides market news and market quotations for select proteins. 

When the Urner Barry market price reaches $7.43 CAD, harvesters will receive an increase in their price throughout the season, as the market price goes up. The share of the market price remains consistent starting at $8.02 CAD, where the harvester receives 56.9% of the market price and the producer receives 43.1% of the market price, which totals 100%. The margins for both harvesters and producers remain the same.


Price April 5


The crab schedule as part of ASP’s submission to the Panel is as follows:

2024 Crab Schedule


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